Let’s Chat…No Charge

It seems nuts to me (pun intended) to pay a psychologist without ever having met. So, I offer a 30 minutes, no fee consultation. This gives us a chance to talk about why you want to do some counseling and answer all of your questions BEFORE we make any commitments or you spend any money.**

The purpose of the consultation is for you to get to know me a little, ask me any questions you may have, and see if you feel comfortable with me. I will also ask you to tell me why you are interested in therapy and what you hope to achieve. It is very important that I believe I have the knowledge and skills to help you. If you feel comfortable with me, and I believe that I am qualified to help you, then we may decide to set-up an initial appointment.

When you arrive for your consultation, just have a seat in the waiting room. Help yourself to some tea and be comfortable. I’ll come out to get you at our appointment time.

It is very normal and helpful to “shop around” for a therapist. Therapy can take time and money.  It’s important that you feel confident and comfortable with your therapist. If you don’t believe I am a good match for you, I am happy to provide you with the names of other therapists, so that you can continue to “shop” for a good match.

If we both feel we are a good match, we’ll go ahead and schedule you for an intake appointment.

**Please note, you will be charged $125 if you fail to cancel your consultation within 24 hours of the start-time of your appointment. There will be no charge if you attend your scheduled consultation.**