Parent Coaching

Sometimes, despite everything we do, it all just gets away from us and the family begins to fray at the ends.

Believe me,  I am no super parent. I have definitely had my “That did not just com out of my mouth” moments. However, I have been lucky enough to learn from some of the smartest, most progressive parents (who are also scientists) in the world. They taught me about how those little (not so little?) minds work. They taught me how to tell the normal crazy kid problems from the problem crazy kid problems. I learned how kids develop and what motivates them to change. Most importantly, I learned about the kind of parenting that absolutely works, and the kind that doesn’t.

Often, all it takes to weave the family back together is some parent coaching. Sometimes, the kids need their own coach. If we decide they do,  I have a crew of really amazing colleages who can work with your child(ren).

Let me help. You can do this.