Pre-Baby Coaching

Do you want to increase your connection and intimacy with your spouse after baby comes homes?

Pre-Baby Couples Coaching

Bringing a new life into the world is incredibly exciting and energizing…there really is nothing like it. Almost every moment is an adventure…some are harrowing, some joyful. Always surprising.

Children create huge changes in your relationship with your spouse. Some of these changes are very positive. Many couples get energized by sharing the new project of raising a child. In addition, children can bring great meaning to a relationship.

However, children introduce new challenges as well. Completely new areas of responsibility now must be figured out. Everyone has less sleep, less money, and more demands on their time and energy.

Knowing ahead of time what to expect in terms of how your relationship may change can make the transition from two to three (or more!) much easier. In addition, having ALREADY discussed some of the trickier areas of negotiation can make everything go more smoothly.

Pre-Baby Coaching is designed to help you focus more on the amazing changes that you, your spouse, and your child are experiencing and worry less about how it is all going to work out.